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The Zen of Art: With Notes on the Art of Life

by Carolyn Schlam

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The Zen of Art starts with the premise that making art is akin to what happens when wind engages with a set of chimes. The chance encounter of source and instrument generates a song that enriches and elevates the moment. Author and artist Carolyn Schlam draws a parallel with what she calls the “Zen of Art”—the process of allowing creative expression to manifest in a natural and unencumbered fashion. Schlam tells her personal story of making art while applying the knowledge she has gained to live an “artful life” in chapters on courage, joy, beauty, love, and more. Whether practicing artists or not, readers will be encouraged to examine their own lives in the context of her insights. There is much to ponder and savor in this beautifully written, wise, and warm account of a life filled with art. The Zen of Art is a book to treasure as it paints a pathway to being your best self and living your best life.

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ISBN: 978-1-962082-21-1 (print; softcover; perfect bound)

LCCN: 2024934257

Released April 2, 2024  |  Copyright 2024

212 pages; 18 full-color illustrations

Author Biography

Carolyn Schlam is an award-winning painter, sculptor, and published author. Her work has appeared in many museums, galleries, and publications. The Zen of Art now joins her other books on art process and appreciation for adults and children.


“Art, in its purest form, is the creative expression of an inspired soul. A cosmic celebration of unlimited intelligence and beauty. Beyond (yet including) what we traditionally think what art is—visual, music, dance, acting—there is also an art to life and living: what kind of life do we want to create? who do we want to be as we create it? The Zen of Art answers these questions and more, as it delves into what it means to be the instrument or medium through which Source gets to express its full Self in, through, and as us once we know how to tune into its frequency. Read this book and get ready to paint with the colors of your soul.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and CEO of Agape International Spiritual Center; host of the podcast Take Back Your Mind

“A captivating exploration of the intersection between creativity and self-discovery. Each chapter delves into different facets of life and art, offering profound insights into acceptance, non-attachment, imperfection, and gratitude. More than just a guide to artistic expression, it invites readers to ‘dance with the wind’ and embrace the naturalness of the creative process. Whether you’re an artist or someone seeking inspiration and wisdom, The Zen of Art is a treasure trove that resonates with the soul, fostering a newfound appreciation for the art of living.”
Mark Reid, host of the podcast Zen Sammich

The Zen of Art explores the universality of creation through the uniqueness of the individual. Schlam finds in Zen a way to be present and open to inspiration, which, at its base, is the simple act of breathing in. The biblical wind of creation breathed in by every creature throughout time animates our physical processes and enables the creative act of making marks or writing verbal or musical notes. Schlam’s gift is in interpreting esoteric concepts in a way that is accessible to the reader of her inspired prose. She writes, ‘I am not a guru or a sage. I am an ordinary person who has endeavored, like you, to become mindful, to learn, and to grow as a person.’ Her descriptions of the ups and downs of the creative process will resonate in kindred spirits. The book, as a whole, is an inspiration for those who seek to be free to create.”
John O’Hern, International Artist Publishing

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