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Author and Photographer Biographies



poems by K. S. Hardy
photographs by Jeffrey Stoner

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A beautiful blending of poetry and photography, revealing both the grandeur and nuance of the seasons. A book to come back to again and again for enjoyment and inspiration.

POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Nature

ISBN: 978-1-941830-88-8 (print; softcover; perfect bound)
ISBN: 978-1-941830-87-1 (print; hardcover; Collector Edition)

LCCN: 2016954982

Released 11-10-2016

134 pages; 118 photographs

Author and Photographer Biographies



K. S. Hardy lives in the aptly named town of Cygnet, Ohio, in the heart of what once was known as the Black Swamp and also still has an actual oil field beneath its streets. Almost daily the village is visited by a bald eagle on its supper rounds. A pheasant once walked up to Hardy’s dining room bay window but refused to come in.

Hardy decided to become a poet at the age of fifteen, and this, after decades not to be counted, is his first collection of verse. Other books do exist but are of a vastly different character, and he has had an uncountable number of short stories and poems published by literary journals worldwide. Hardy is most proud of his daughter, who at fifteen has decided to become a writer.

Jeffrey Stoner is known for making photographs that capture the essence of place. His passion is to capture images of the beauty and wonder that surround us, telling a story that touches the spirit. Stoner has had a lifelong passion for photography but only began selling his images in 2004 after a gallery in Pennsylvania asked to show his work. He expanded his gallery presence in Pennsylvania, and then in 2007 he and his wife made the decision to move to northeastern Tennessee. The move opened additional opportunities for making images in the mountains and fertile valleys of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia and the South Carolina’s lowcountry. Stoner’s images have been featured in international, national, and regional publications. His speaking engagements include talks on the art and technology of photography.


"Open Natural History to any individual page and encounter the delightful interplay between image and verse, or take the journey first page to last, experiencing the cumulative power of a stroll through the seasons. Either approach results in an awakening of wonder at the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Jeffrey Stoner's images and K. S. Hardy's verses complement each other in surprising and rewarding ways. This book is a treasure!"
David Denny, teacher; award-winning poet and fiction writer; author of The Gill Man in Purgatory (Shanti Arts, 2015) and Man Overboard (Wipf & Stock, 2013)

"Jeffrey Stoner is one of the most accomplished photographers working in the Appalachian region today. He is equally skilled at capturing the  seasonal changes of its majestic mountains and the intimacies of its individual wonders:  the textures of lake stones, the whiskers on a bear's muzzle, the veins in a turtle's neck. In Natural History, Stoner's photography is enhanced by the fine poetry of K. S. Hardy, who through words captures the expansive as well as the close-up wonders of the landscape."
Ben Jennings, Associate Professor of English and Film at Virginia Highlands Community College and Co-Chair of A! Magazine for the Arts

"What a lovely marriage of poetry and photography that gleans a unique perspective of nature in anthropomorphized fashion. K. S. Hardy’s beautiful narrative paints the emotions of flora and fauna, as well as intangible elements from earth to sky. The content works seamlessly with the stunning images provided by Jeffrey Stoner, the glory of each season magically bringing each poem to life. Natural History offers an important reminder to its readers: while enjoying the great outdoors, the effusive delight comes from paying special attention to every facet of one's surroundings in the natural world."
Polly Mallory, Mallory Fine Art, Nashville, Tennessee

The ability to present nature in the way of a photograph requires a person to possess to possess a love of nature and a good deal of knowledge about it. Excellent photographers also possess inexhaustible patience and the ability to immerse oneself, mentally and physically, into the environment. The crowning touch is an innate sense of composition. Jeffrey Stoner has it all, and it shows in the remarkable quality of his images. Paired with K. S. Hardy's poetry, you have a collection of complete stories. What a lovely book!
Nancy McCrary, publisher and editor, South x Southeast Photomagazine


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