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Reparation Gate

by Brian Glaser

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In this collection of poems, Brian Glaser offers a tribute to his father’s life and work. Memory and elegy are present here, as well as a series of poems on fatherhood, and many meditations on the concern for social justice shared by father and son.

POETRY / General

ISBN: 978-1-956056-88-4 (print; softcover; perfect bound)

LCCN: 2023938539

Released June 6, 2023; Copyright 2023

72 pages

Author Biography

Brian Glaser is the author of five books of poetry and many essays on poetry and poetics. He lives in Santa Ana, California, and teaches art and history at Chapman University.



“Brian Glaser is a spiritual seeker, which involves continually testing wisdom from several spiritual traditions. But the major emphasis is on an effort to produce as absolute a clarity as possible about elemental features of his life—natural, personal, familial, social, and political. Innocence becomes as fundamental as air; desire as fundamental as water. So poetry itself has to renounce metaphor and elaborate form in order to hew as closely as possible to honest renderings of surprising moments where the shadows lift and the mind responds to something worth enduring. These moments seem utterly bare. The poetry resides in the resonance of what comes to matter as it just comes into language, often weaving sites of contradiction that also serve as means of recognizing how intractably solitude, social pressure, and familial ties serve to foster one another. Poetry becomes a process of imagination ceaselessly adjusting to shifts in possibilities of responsiveness. And the moral life becomes inseparable from fostering careful attention to what creates and binds our passions.”
Charles Altieri, author of Reckoning with the Imagination: Wittgenstein and the Aesthetics of Literary Experience; professor of English, University of California, Berkeley

“Brian Glaser uses poetic technique, intellectual material, memory, and emotion in unexpected and moving originality. Like a good teacher, the poems come right at the reader with bald questions and make the reader struggle with them. The reader doesn’t feel alone though. The quest for ‘inventive solutions to intractable questions’ is shared painfully, humorously, and with great tenderness. We are left with a wry wisdom and raw elements, in a space between all thought, where the real activity occurs silently.”
Beth Jacobs on Contradictions in Journal of Poetry Therapy

Articles and Reviews

Laura Silva, “Faculty Book: Collection of Poems by Dr. Glaser” (Interview) (April 23, 2024)


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