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The Quantum Uncertainty of Love: Poetry of the Entanglement of Science, Philosophy, and Spirit

by Michael Baldwin
illustrated by California artist Andrew Ostrovsky

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This extraordinary collection of poems was born from a lifelong fascination with man's spiritual nature as well as with several areas of scientific inquiry that led to an awareness of the entanglements that exist among science, philosophy, and spirit. Poet Michael Baldwin dares to ask “Who are we?” and “What is our purpose?” and “What about God?” The reader finds that the best answers come from the interweavings of knowledge and mysticism, science and metaphysics, empiricism and intuition. The great writings of philosophy and ancient wisdom are helpful, but their greatest value comes from the clues they provide toward finding the answers through our own spiritual and intellectual journey. (Includes ten full-color illustrations by California artist Andrew Ostrovsky.)

POETRY / General

ISBN: 978-1-947067-69-1 (print; softcover; perfect bound)
ISBN: 978-1-947067-73-8 (digital)

LCCN: 2018966538

Released 1-22-2018

118 pages

Author Biography

Michael Baldwin was born and reared in Texas where he formed an enduring love of nature and developed it through studying science, particularly astronomy. As a youth he built a Newtonian telescope and followed the progress of the space program closely, hoping to become an astronaut. But lacking perfect eyesight, he became a writer — a somewhat safer but still exciting profession.

Baldwin has maintained a lifetime interest in science and has used scientific concepts and facts in many of his writings. His children’s book, Space Cat, takes children on a scientifically accurate tour of the solar system. His science fiction, of course, contains many scientific references and ideas. His poetry, too, is replete with scientific allusions.

Baldwin holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degrees in library science and public administration. He is retired from a career as a library administrator and professor of American government. He is now a full-time writer, creativity consultant, grandfather, and volunteer tennis coach.

Baldwin has published several books of different genres — short story collections, science fiction, a mystery thriller novel, poetry, and a children’s book. His work has been published extensively in poetry journals and anthologies. He won the Violet Newton Poetry Prize in 2000. His poetry was featured on the national radio program The Romantic Hours, and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He won the Eakin Poetry Manuscript award, 2011, for his book Scapes. He won the Morris Memorial Chapbook Award, 2012, for Counting Backward From Infinity. His book of Texas poetry, Lone Star Heart (Lamar University Press, 2016), was a candidate for the Texas Institute of Letters Poetry Book Award.

Baldwin is a member of the Texas Writers League, the Poetry Society of Texas, The Academy of American Poets, and is past president of the Fort Worth Poetry Society, the oldest poetry society in the Southwest.


“Poet Michael Baldwin expertly mines the mysteries of science in The Quantum Uncertainty of Love. Whether reflecting on the body’s ‘dumb wisdom’ or the heart’s ‘lonely corridors,’ Baldwin takes us on a rewarding journey that seamlessly shifts from science to spirituality. While exploring everything from yellow-cake plutonium to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, he dares to ask, “Why are we here?” and “What does it mean?” Welcome responses arrive from myriad sources, such as the Tao Te Ching, Bhagavad-Gita, and Lakota wisdom. Baldwin both engages us and demonstrates his skill in a variety of poetic forms. Reading Quantum, we can embrace life’s unanswered questions, especially when lovely as, ‘What then, when I have broke/my beauty on the moon?’”
Ann Cefola, author, Free Ferry (Upper Hand Press, 2017) and Face Painting in the Dark (Dos Madres Press, 2014)

“Michael Baldwin tells the reader in his ‘Introduction’ that he is a layman in the matters of science and philosophy, yet when you read his poems, you become instantly aware that they come from a highly knowledgeable, informed mind on most any subject. His poems bring extraordinary transformations and insights to the myriad of concerns of the human experience. Luminously written poems by one of the most interesting and intelligent poets I have read.”
Dave Parsons, 2011 Texas Poet Laureate; author, Reaching For Longer Water

“A deep-thinking poet, Michael Baldwin, successfully merges metaphors from astronomy to Zen, describing with words the wonders of the universe in new and creative ways.”
J. Phil McClure, Ph.D., former research scientist, Center for Space Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas

“Elegant, astonishingly graceful poems about the ineffable inquiries of life—the unresolved impulses and curiosities assailing us from all directions—if we think—if we care. Michael Baldwin has made powerful magic that feels deeply comforting through articulate and companionable consideration of the great mysteries.”
Naomi Shihab Nye, award-winning poet and novelist; recipient of the International Poetry Forum Award, Texas Institute of Letters Award, Carity Randall Prize, Academy of American Poets’ Lavan Award (1988), and four Pushcart Prizes; Lannan Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, and a Witter Bynner Fellow..

“Michael Baldwin has tackled the Big Ones—time, love, fate, spirit, universe. He is unafraid to say he doesn’t know, and in that courage, much is surely true of ‘the journey we so dream-dread.’ Let Baldwin’s finely wrought poems take you to the edge of the galaxies and back home through time-space, to thoughtful wisdom and the humility of being human.”
Jan Seale, 2012 Texas Poet Laureate; author, The Wonder Is

“Michael Baldwin is concerned with the cerebral. His poems live in the platonic shadows they cast of the wall of our consciousness. They shine in the dark between the stars.”
Diane Glancy, author of The Keyboard Letters; winner of the Catherine Case Lubbe Award, 2016

“Michael Baldwin's poems weave the strands of science, philosophy, and spirit as surely as an artist draws a twining DNA strand. Collectively, the poetry speaks to us through the entanglements of life's paradox and mystery. Life can no longer be viewed from a black or white strata. The reader must be absolutely numb not to be jarred awake knowing, under the skin, each poem is a cup of exquisite truth to be savored. Baldwin’s words work like a gentle hammer tapping us to awaken from our dream as does his poem ‘Nothing Matters.’ This poem sings most strongly that nothing matters yet, in its own Morris Code, taps out that everything matters. And, we're cautioned, time traps us only when we relinquish love.”
Marilyn Gilbert Komechak, Ph.D., psychotherapist; poet; children’s author; historical novelist

“Michael Baldwin is poet who wants to step through the noise of society and too much writing in order to encourage an audience that is dying for it. And even though the subtitle speaks of ‘The Entanglement of Science, Philosophy, and Spirit,’ Baldwin doesn’t dance in the ether around our heads. He grounds his messages with powerful images that stick to the brain with superglue. With lines like ‘then its death wind sucking in dust to feed / its sudden emptiness,’ he takes us where we’ve never thought to go by describing the very immediate aftermath of an atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud. The Quantum Uncertainty of Love reminds us that a passion for the planet and hope for the future of humanity belong to no one generation. Warriors for ‘what is left’ and ‘what needs to be’ come from every age and era. And with these poems, Michael Baldwin proves to be among them.”
Nathan Brown, Ph.D., Oklahoma Poet Laureate 2013–2014; author of Karma Crisis, My Sideways Heart, and Less Is More (More or Less)

Articles and Reviews

The Quantum Uncertainty of Love: The Entanglement of Science, Philosophy, and Spirit by Michael Baldwin is sheer beauty for fans of poetry, a collection of poems that articulate on existential themes, looking at the essence of humanity, scrutinizing the human heart, exciting the mind to reflect on the reality called ‘human existence.’ Philosophical in nature and powerful in its evocative style, this collection features a variety of themes divided into seven sections. There are questions that introduce the sections and offer readers a perspective regarding what follows. Who are we? What is our purpose? What evil lurks? Is there life after life? What about God? Themes of love, humanity, fear, solitude, the quest for meaning and purpose, human nature, thoughts on God and religion are some of the recurrent themes featured in this collection.

“This is a collection that will excite readers, especially those who enjoy subjects linked to science, religion, and metaphysics. The author features a quote from a philosopher at the start of each poem, one that is explored through each stanza. There is originality in the writing and the natural flow of sentences combines with the strength of the symbolism to make for a beautiful reading experience. While Michael Baldwin pays great attention to diction and to his evocative style, he ensures that he explores sense and logic in some of the poems. At times it feels like a dialogue between the author and the reader and the simplicity in style and richness when it comes to diction elevates the style and makes this collection something of a literary tour de force. It’s a gorgeous offering to fans of poetry and thought-provoking lines. As I encourage readers to immerse themselves in this adventure with the poet, I offer them his very words: ‘No loving smile is ever lost. / No tender touch, no caring tear in vain. No decent thought, no kindly word, is ever wasted.’”
—Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite


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