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Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond

by Egberto Almenas

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Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond assembles a collection of short essays covering the contemporary visual arts scene in Central Florida and the inflow of past and present-day streams of creativity from afar. Beautifully designed and handsomely illustrated with representative works by the artists discussed, this volume is a keepsake for those with a keen interest in contemporary visual arts, particularly art connected with Florida. Modern-day artists presented include the mathematically-oriented digital artist Nathan Selikof; Doug Rhodehamel, self-described as someone who “makes stuff” such as paper bag mushrooms and plastic bottle jellyfish; Brigan Gresh, whose visual narrative is born deep within and ultimately offers hope and a promise of transcendence; visual diarist Martha L. Lent, for whom everyday objects celebrate women, domesticity, and traditional American crafts; the evocative surrealist painter Leonora Carrington; and many others. To establish a historical context for the art scene in Florida, the author considers the varied contributions of artists like El Greco, Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali, Maxfield Parrish, and Herman Herzog. These art “capsules” provide a summary of ideas as well as a measure of nourishment for those mindful of the impressive contemporary art scene in Central Florida.

ART / American / General
ART / History / Contemporary (1945- )
ART / Criticism & Theory

ISBN: 978-0-9885897-5-9 (print, softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-941830-02-4 (digital)

LCCN: 2014947720

Released 2014

254 pages; 120 images

Author Biography

Egberto Almenas, PhD, is a well-travelled former tenured professor and senior research associate in art and literature, and currently a docent at the Orlando Museum of Art. Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond is his fifth book and the first chiefly centered on his longstanding passion for American art. His essays often feature worldwide in venues devoted to creative expression and thought. He lives in Central Florida.

Table of Contents


Part One: At the Epicenter
Painting Florida’s Golden Years 
Kyle or Conceptual Art as Memory and Denouncement 
Imagined Futures: Richard Thomas Reep’s Urban Intrigue
Fantasy’s Grown Child: The Artistic World of Doug Rhodehamel 
Gender and Cultural Identity 
The Art and Poetry of Dina Mack 
Aftermath and Sensation in the Art of Brigan Gresh 
The Street Art of Horacio Silva 
Art and Biology in Dale Chihuly’s Glass Artwork  
Nathan Selikoff’s New Heights in Computer Art 
Broken Frontiers: The Conceptual Artwork of Kimberly DH Walz 
The Enduring Beauty of Maxfield Parrish 
Marginal Notes on Edward Gorey’s Elegant Enigmas
Richard Thomas Reep: Ratsu’s Destruction of a Green Scam 
The African American Art Exhibit 
Brigan Gresh and Dina Mack: In the White
Floridian Faces of Justin Sean Brunelle 
Roland Pasqual Rockwood and the Reconstruction of Constructivism 
Herman Herzog at the Orlando Museum of Art 
The Domestic Matrix in the Art of Martha L. Lent 
Four Notes on Maria Reyes-Jones and the Iconic Palm Tree 

Part Two: . . . and Beyond 
Endurance on the Looking Glass 
The Renewable Seeps of Identity in Indira Castellón’s Perra vida
Liz Ghitta Segall and the Local Colors of Nostalgia 
The Momentous Movements of Ileana Tolibia and Her Earth’s Fertility
The Misbehaved Leonora Carrington Celebrated Her Birthday 
Oscar Luis Martínez: Re-Spiriting the Void 

Part Three: Catalogue Irraisonné
The Irrational Dream: The Research Studio in the 21st Century 
RS21 Capsules 

Part Four: Viva Florida 500 
All Late Raphael in One Shot 
Goya’s Radical Inversion 
El Greco: Early Modernist 
Visual Rebellions in the Poetry of Rafael Alberti 
Salvador Dalí: America and the Monstrous 

Appendix: The Digital Archive of Hispanic Art in Central Florida 
Image Credits
About the Author 


“This is an intriguing and beautiful project . . . the subject and writing style are compelling.”
—Ava Goble, Thames & Hudson

“Your quiet nature masks a strong eloquence and rich, almost Elizabethan English. I find myself reading it out loud to enjoy the consonants.”
Richard Thomas Reep, Rollins College Hamilton Holt School

“I love these [capsules]. It's nice to finally have something intelligent and well written to read in Orlando.”
—Patrick Greene, Urban ReThink

“Your scholarly approach to these talents is right on! Thank you for the wonderfully written words!”
—Gloria Capozzi, formerly Art and History Museums, Maitland.

“Wow, we are not worthy of such skill and art historical knowledge . . . Your skill is impressive; I'm humbled by the power of your words.”
Kyle, Virginia Miller Galleries

“[Egberto Almenas] write[s] so elegantly and . . . has a poetic resonance that . . . I find . . . to be highly compelling.”
—Vanessa Díaz, Florida artist.

“You've done a wonderful job . . . in what remains . . . a cultural and intellectual vacuum, by invoking historical dialecticism. . . . I loved it!”
—Richard Colvin, Director, Lake Eustis Museum of Art

“The type of writing that we so often miss here in Central Florida.”
—Kimberly DH Walz, Orlando Museum of Art

“The top-notch catalog [of capsules] tells all and is a marvelous way of re-introducing the relevance of [the local contemporary art scene].”
—Lindy T. Shephard, Orlando Weekly

Articles & Reviews

Book on Art in Central Florida Shows Breadth and Depth (press release; 9-6-2014)

Art Capsules, Egberto Almenas Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond, by Egberto Almenas


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