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My life was shaped to a large extent by books, three in particular: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith; My Life, by Isadora Duncan; and Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. I read these books many times over, relishing in the authors' vision of the world. What did I learn? Don't be afraid to dream. Don't be afraid to be different from others and carve your own path. Don't be afraid to seek your truth and live it.

Books are the foundation of a life well lived. With books we can explore the far reaches of our world and the immense valleys and mountains of our minds and hearts. Our travels can be enchanting, exhausting, despairing, and joyous. We can cry and we can laugh. Authors, do you know the importance and potential of the words you put in print?

For me, publishing books is about sending words and ideas into the world to become that foundation. I look for manucripts that say something important, that offer a small piece of what we all need to make sense of our lives. And I believe that the design of a book should complement its content and help convey its message. That's why each book we publish is unique.

I am very proud of all the books in our catalog. Each one touched me in some way when I first read it. I invite you to read one and see for yourself.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Founder and Publisher



Beneath the Midi Sun
Jim & Carol McCord

Chroma: Five Centuries
of Women Artists

Sharon Tracey

Angel Chimes: Poems
of Advent and Christmas

Judith Sornberger


Brian Glaser

Sun Dogs
Anthony Labriola

Awakening and Visitation
Wally Swist


The Grammar of Untold Stories
Lois Ruskai Melina

OYO The Beautiful River
Mark B. Hamilton

Theresa Rodriguez


Mists on the River
Yeremei Aipin,
Gennady Raishev (illustrator),
& Claude Clayton Smith (editor/translator)

Driving through Paintings
Leslie Klein

Lead Me, Guide Me
Kathy Ewing


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