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Our Authors and Artists

Leslie Anderson
artist, lives in Maine

Summer Stories

Peter Azrak
photographer, writer, therapist;
lives in New York City

Pulling Back the Future:
A Therapist Finding His Way

I pray for a life of going nowhere

Beebe Bahrami
writer, traveler, anthropologist;
lives in New Jersey

Café Oc: A Nomad's Tales
of Magic,Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France

Heidi Blankenship
artist and poet;
outdoorsperson and thru-hiker;
works as a ranger in Arizona

Memorizing Shadows:
Inspiration from the
Arizona Trail


Greg Bogaerts
fiction writer; lives in Australia

Avenue of Poplars in Autumn

Blossoming Almond Branch
in a Glass with a Book

Bridges Across
the Seine at Asnieres

Walking Paris Streets
with Eugene Atget: Inspired Stories About the Ragpicker, Lampshade Vendor, and
Other Characters and
Places of Old France

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya
photographer; world traveler;
lives in France

Journeys: Photographic Discoveries of Time, Place,
and Self in Jerusalem,
Japan, Istanbul, and Provence

Ann Calandro
artist and author / illustrator of
books for children; lives in New Jersey

Never Stop Drawing

Second Chances

Susan Currie
writer, poet, photographer;

lives outside Boston

Once Divided



David Denny
fiction writer, poet, and painter;
lives in California

The Gill Man in Purgatory

Some Divine Commotion

Lawrence Gregory
poet; lives in New Mexico

Stretching Silver
Through Blue Haze

Birgit Gutsche
photographer; lives in New Mexico

Stretching Silver
Through Blue Haze

Angeline Haen
writer; lives in Wisconsin

Sweet Wisdoms


K. S. Hardy
fiction writer and poet; lives in Ohio

Natural History:
Interpretations of
Flora and Fauna

Ralph Hassenpflug
photographer; lives in Maine

Doorway to the Temple:
Brittany, Personal Images
of the Sacred

Sherry Horton
writer, teacher, lives in Connecticut

Witness Chair:
A Memoir of Art,
Marriage, and Loss

Rani Iyer
author of children's books;
lives in Washington

Dancing Heart


Elizabeth Jaikaran
writer; lives in New York

Trauma: A Collection
of Short Stories

Krish Krishnan
artist and travel writer;
lives near Chicago

Rambles into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen & Paint

Anthony Labriola
writer and poet;
lives in Toronto, Canada

The Rigged Universe

Birds and Arrows

Peter Maeck
writer, poet, playwright, and photographer; speaker and traveler;
lives in North Carolina

Remembrance of Things Present: Making Peace
with Dementia


Robert McGowan
writer and artist;
lived in Memphis, Tennessee;
died in 2012 as a result of lymphoma
from exposure to Agent Orange

Happy Again at Last:
Life in the Art World


Jane Paradise
writer and photographer;
lives in Massachusetts

Of Strength and Grace:
Elegy for Love

Matt Pasca
poet, teacher, performer, and
speaker; lives in New York

Raven Wire

Anda Peterson
writer and teacher; lives in Florida

Walks with Yogi:
The Enlightenment Experiment


Lauren Rader
artist, writer, and teacher;
lives in Maryland

Studio Stories: Illuminating
Our Lives through Art

Christian Reifsteck
poet, lives in Massachusetts

Turning Turf: Poems and Photographs from Ireland

Dorothy Rice
writer, lives in California

The Reluctant Artist:
Joe Rice 1918 - 2011

Edward J. Rielly
non-fiction writer and haikuist; teacher; lives in Maine

Spring Rain Winter Snow

Jugo Meets a Poet


Carol Smallwood
writer and poet;
lives in Michigan

In Hubble's Shadow


Claude Clayton Smith
writer and teacher;
lives in Wisconsin

MEDITATIONS After the Bear Feast: The Poetic Dialogues
of N. Scott Momaday
and Yuri Vaella

Judith Sornberger
writer and poet; teacher;
lives in Pennsylvania

The Accidental Pilgrim:
Finding God and
His Mother in Tuscany

Jane Anne Staw
writer and teacher
lives in California

Small: The Little We
Need for Happiness


Dona Luongo Stein
lives in Massachusetts

Leaving Greece


Jeffrey Stoner
lives in Tennessee

Current: Essays on
the Passing of Time
in the Woods

Natural History: Interpretations of
Flora and Fauna

Wally Swist
writer and poet;
lives in Massachusetts

Candling the Eggs

Bob Thurber
fiction writer;
lives in Massachusetts

Nothing But Trouble



Stephen Tomasko
photographer; lives in Ohio

Delira and Excira:
Visions of the
Flowers of Spring

Karla Van Vliet
artist and poet;
lives in Vermont

From the Book of Remembrance

The River From My Mouth

Sheri Vandermolen
poet and photographer;
lives in California

Jasmine Fractals:
Poems of Urban India

Naomi Beth Wakan
writer and poet; specialist in
Japanese forms of poetry;
lives near Vancouver, Canada

The Way of Tanka


Tom Whayne
poet; lives in California

Of Strength and Grace:
Elegy for Love

David Zurick
writer and photographer;
geographer and teacher;
lives in Kentucky

Morning Coffee
at the Goldfish Pond





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