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Cary Loving, Lavender Dill

Art is often a manifestation and celebration of the natural world, bringing with it a powerful sense of stillness and focus. In those moments of stillness and focus, everything somehow comes together, everything somehow makes sense. Indeed, art—be it painting, photography, writing, music, dance, and theater—helps people make sense of their lives by allowing the usual distractions and delusions to fall away. In this way, art is often a pathway to spiritual experience. Art helps us reach beyond the boundaries of the mundane world, awakening joy and contentment and a sense of oneness with everyone and everything. We are then compelled to share and use our sense of joy and peace to change the world.

nature inspires art  •  art reveals spirit  •  spirit changes the world

The work we do at Shanti Arts—and have done since its founding in 2011—is driven by a passion for nature, for art, for beauty, for significance. We are delighted to work with similarly passionate artists and writers all over the world.

There is much here to see. We invite you to browse through our pages and see where your attention lands. Come back often.

Christine Brooks Cote


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