Christopher Warren
Featured Artist

The Water's Edge
Jennifer Novotney

Daicey Pond
Anthony Cordasco

Crimson Water
Rachel Racette

Kutogunduwa (To Be Overlooked)
Marc Eichen

Living at the Lake
Debbie Cutler

Living on the Water

Living on the Water
Christine Brooks Cote

Jennifer Fearon
Featured Artist

Laura Ducceschi
Featured Artist

Inheriting the Lake
Katherine Hauswirth

Tricia Gates Brown

Inner City Houseboat Living
Barbara Cole


Paul Polydorou
Featured Artist

It All Makes Sense
Susan Emeline Bills

Lessons Learned While Living Lakeside
Patricia B. Carley

Next Stop, Bedrock
Karen Bowers

Patient's Pearl
Felecia Babb

Specular Reflection
Jennifer Fearon

Russell Rowland