The Old Farm
Melodie Corrigall

Red Dust Suspended
Suzanne Finney

Lawrence Gregory

Home, and Everything Else
Cayce Osborne

Outer Shores
William Bless

Walking Around Steinbeck's Place
Barbara Cole

Catbird Seat
Teresa H. Klepac

My Deep Love of Place
Christine Brooks Cote, Editor

Featured Exhibition

Featured Artist
Walt Hug

Featured Artist
Birgit Gutsche

Featured Artist
MJ Edwards

Featured Artist
Barbara Anne Kearney

Featured Artist
Catherine L. Schweig

The Crystalline Bed of St. Peter
Catherine Young

The Taste of Place
Amy Cotler

In the Waters
Jeri Ann Griffith

Beneath the Holly Oak
David Denny

Listening at the Threshold
Sue Schuerman

In Dan's Cabin
Rosalie Sanara Petrouske

The Long Way ’Round
Penny Milam