Andrew Ilachinski
Featured Artist

Fifteenth-Century Farmhouse
Beebe Bahrami

In the Shadow of Tintern Abbey
Jane Hertenstein

Martin Willitts, Jr.

Loose Threads
Cici Grove

Sons of Gustaf
Barbara Haas

Old Windmill and Shed
on Abandoned Farm
in Gray and Black

Terry Allen


Christine Brooks Cote

Carol McCord
Featured Artist

Diane Danthony
Featured Artist

Kiss Moon
Laurie K. McConnachie

Walking Hadrian's Wall
Bob Royalty

Leave the World in Flames
Mercury-Marvin Sunderland


Hall Jameson
Featured Artist

437 Wilton Street (A Brick Story)
Zach Murphy

Cellars and Sauerkraut:
The Halifax Explosion

Catherine MacKenzie

The Fall of the House
Jen Mierisch

Rural Route 4
Sandra Fees

I Often Walk to the End of the Road
J. R. Solonche