Leaves Illuminated
Jane Soodalter

The Trophy of a Lifetime
Richard Dokey

To a Butterfly
Allison Davis

Naming the Waves
Lara Messersmith-Glavin

A Thrust of Doves
Robert René Galván

Fox Abandon
Wally Swist

The Seer
Patricia Thrushart

The Way
Heidi Elizabeth Blankenship

N. L. H. Hattam

All the Names of Green
Florence Hazrat


Our Beautiful Planet
Christine Brooks Cote, Editor

Pushing Through
Brent Martin

Forest Song
Nicole Spaulding

When I Saw the Northern Lights
for the First Time

Christina Alaimo

In Defense of the Tomato Hornworm
Mikki Aronoff

Rick Kempa

The Bathtub
Left Lane

Gaia Weeps
Susan P. Blevins

Our Beautiful Planet

The Appalling Mountain
Richard LeBlond

Song of My Home
Jecika Shirah

A New Mythology
James B. Nicola

The Deer Guard
Alistair Herbert

Seasoned Grace
Martha Brandt

Little Planet
Brendan Walsh

John Delaney

Just Breathe
Susana Praver-Pérez

Hearts of Wood
Allison Duncan