House Magic
Judith Sornberger

Imperfect Paradise
Anna Citrino

The House on Justamere Drive
Cathy Fiorello

228 Cambridge Street
Charlene Logan

Dream House, Later
Amy Hollan

A House Named Simplicity
Susan Eaton Mendenhall

Two Bedroom One Bath For Sale
Jenny Root

The One
Deborah Sale-Butler

Household Gods
Ann Cwiklinski

My Father's Memory House
Christopher Woods


The Houses of My Dreams
Christine Brooks Cote

Mark Saba

Ellen Pliskin

Theresa M. Pisani

Rosalyn Kliot

Chris Hero

Rebecca Skinner


Claudia Tong

Five Homes
Susan Knox

Center of the World
James Lowell Hall

Imperfect but Perfect
Jane H. Fitzgerald

A Place to Call Home
Patty Somlo

203 Waldo Street
Mary Beth Hines

The House in My Dreams
B. D. Ramsey

The Harcourt Street House
Isn't Just a Dream

Lily Ione MacKenzie

Where to Walk
Lucia May

Labor of Love
Victoria Nagel Hauzy

Adrienne Stevenson

Last Watering
Michael Riedell

This Gift
Diana Woodcock