She Brought Me Cocoa
Chrysanthemum Crenshaw

tea (green)
Nadia M. Wisley

Café Comfort
Cathy Fiorello
Frantisek Strouhal, Resting with a Cup of Tea

White Tea
Carole Greenfield

My Morning Coffee
Alison F. Jennings

Ode to Hot Chocolate
Katherine Quevedo

Ode to My Coffee Grinder
Susanne von Rennenkampff

Chiapa Chocolate
Sabine Baring-Gould

Mochas and Me
Wendy Kennar

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa
Christine Brooks Cote

Featured Artists
Diana Cole  -  MJ Edwards - GJ Gillespie
Laurie Goodhart - Chris Hero  -  Sheree K. Nielsen
Norma Sadler - Carolyn Schlam - Frantisek Strouhal

The River of Chocolate
Mitchell Near

Diane Funston

Sheree K. Nielsen

Hot Chocolate
Martin Willitts Jr.

Tall, Dark, and Delicious
Rebekah Cotton

The Afternoon Tea
Anne Seymour


The Book of Tea
Okakura Kakuzo

Coffeehouse Stories
Richard LeBlond

Kaldi's Goats Achieve Enlightenment
Linea Jantz

Coffee in Bed
Michael Pikna

High Tide
Christie Taylor

The Illy Espresso Can
Caleigh Cassidy

The Traditional Elegance
of Afternoon Tea

Vivien Zielin

Gloria Heffernan
Art by Chris Hero

Mint Tea in Morocco
Susan Wolbarst

Sheree K. Nielsen