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We are very pleased to highlight the work of the following talented artists who have participated in one or more of our exhibitions. Many of the artists listed below earned honors for their work, and these exceptional, award-winning artists are noted. We encourage you to peruse the images below and visit the websites of the individual artists.

Ann Hart Marquis
Jamie McHugh
Rose Palmieri
Patricia Raible Carolyn WarmSun
Tatiana Roulin
Susan Ruach Abby Zonies

Shoshanna Ahart

Best in Show-Portfolio Award Winner!

Ahart Ahart Ahart Ahart Ahart Ahart

Trained as an oil painter, Shoshanna Ahart began working with chalk pastels in 1992 on the advice of her mentor, internationally known American artist, Wayne Thiebaud. Pastel has now replaced oils as her preferred medium. Over the years, she has developed a unique pastel technique that gives her work a painterly quality.

Painting is a process of discovery, and a dialogue between me and the external world. I work from direct observation. Spatial relationships, color interaction and creating a sense of light within my paintings through color, are at the core of my work. I never invent color, but carefully observe the color found in nature and intensify it. My paintings are celebrations of the intrinsic beauty found around us and the joy in the beauty of everyday things. When we no longer notice the magnificence that our world has to offer, when it no longer causes us to contemplate, then we have lost our humanity.

Ahart's work has been selected for many Still Point Art Gallery exhibitions. She received the Best in Show—Portfolio award for work shown in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition The Simple Beauty of Nature.

Visit Ahart's website.

Pat Apt
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

baker baker baker

In a society where time for reflection is often a luxury, my work is intended to raise questions—questions about what we are to each other and who we are in relation to the archetypal images that resonate through human consciousness. I strive to distill my experiences as a human being into lines and forms that effectively convey the emotional truth of these experiences to others. The ultimate goal is to impart a sense of recognition, familiarity, deja vu . . . if you will, indeed you knew it all the time.

Pat Apt received the award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme for work that appeared in The Time for Home.

Visit Apt’s website.

Bobby Baker
Best Photograph Award Winner!

baker baker baker baker baker

Bobby Baker’s work is shaped by his love of seaside life on Cape Cod. Baker’s award-winning photographic art has been widely published in magazines, books, and websites; his limited edition prints have been collected and exhibited in galleries and private collections internationally. His art has also been featured by the Office of Massachusetts Travel and Tourism and Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. The Providence (RI) Journal wrote, “Bobby Baker is one of New England’s best coastal photographers.” Shutterbug called his work “remarkable photography,” and Cape Cod Life writes, “A striking element to Baker’s work is the way in which his photographs evoke emotion . . . timeless and contemplative images.” Baker has been awarded Copley Artist status by the prestigious Copley Society of Art in Boston.

Baker was recognized as an Artist of Distinction for his work Morning Calm in the Still Point III exhibition at Still Point Art Gallery, and was awarded Best Photograph for work that appeared in Still Point V. Baker's work has twice been featured in Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Visit Baker’s website.

John Brooks
Award Winner!

baker baker baker baker

John Brooks specializes in both abstract and semi-abstract landscape and urban images. His relationship with his environment and the emotional response that this creates are what the images are about. His work is not just about capturing the dramatic but are also about the commonplace, the familiar, and easily overlooked. These may take on an unexpected beauty when isolated and abstracted from their usual context.

Brooks has travelled extensively around the world, and diverse cultures and landscapes have influenced his view of the world. In recent years, he has visited Canada, the United States, Cuba, North Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Yucatan Peninsula, and China; these places have provided him with interesting projects.

Brooks has exhibited his work around the globe, including at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, Great Britain; the Royal Scottish Academy; the Royal West of England Academy of Art; and galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Vermont, Texas, London, and Holland. In 2011, he published his book Hidden in View Photography; in 2012, he produced an ebook containing images from his visit to Morocco; and in 2015, he published West Coast Light, California: Fine Art Photography of the Deserts, Mountains, and Beaches Adjoining Los Angeles through the Mojabe Desert and Death Valley. In October 2016, he was awarded Grand Prize from the New York Center for Photographic Art in their Geometry exhibition.

Brooks' work has been selected for several Still Point Art Gallery exhibition, most recently Global Portraits. He was named an Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Sacred Time - Sacred Space. His work was featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Visit Brooks' website  

Lynn Chen
Best in Show—Portfolio Winner!

Chen Chen Chen Chen Chen Chen

Lynn Chen graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts in 1991, having studied design and fine arts, and nurturing her development in painting. She is a member of the Tai-Yang Art Society and has won numerous awards for her paintings. She regularly shows her work in both group and solo exhibitions, and participates in international art competitions.

Chen's desire is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language and symbols of goodness, beauty, and truth to express the positive power of Love. She frequently depicts the light and soft character of Oriental women while expressing the purity of the free spirit. Her unique style incorporates lines representing Chinese calligraphy and displays the ambience of a living Zen.

Chen received the award for Best in Show—Portfolio for work in Still Point IX.

Visit Chen's website.

James Curtis
Award for Exceptional Composition and Design!

Chen Chen

James Curtis received his PhD from Columbia University and taught at the University of Missouri for thirty-one years. He is now a Professor Emeritus and lives in Pennsylvania. His interest in photography goes back to his childhood, long before he ever had a camera. He used to enjoy riding his bike along the still unpaved roads of his hometown. He didn't realize it then, but that was the first expression of his fascination with the world. Ever since he can remember, he's wanted to get out and see the world. Now he wants to use photography to share his fascination with the ways in which people's hard work and ingenuity have made the world more beautiful.

Curtis received the award for Exceptional Composition and Design for work selected for The Garden.

Renée De Gagné
Best in Show—Single Image!

De Gagne De Gagne De Gagne De Gagne De Gagne

Renée De Gagné is a Montreal-born artist. She works in mixed media, which enables her to integrate acrylic paints and mediums, ink, charcoal, Japanese papers, and more. Her work aims to capture the energy of a city by maintaining a balance between figuration and abstraction. She has won several awards in Canada and the United States. Her artwork is in many private and corporate collections across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

I consider urban architecture to be the pillar of our historical memory, and I wish to pay tribute to this presence. As an artist, I feel privileged to act as an intermediary between the viewer and the city, allowing the viewer to see the city differently and to realize the importance of architecture. I work only on the cities I know well, those I have visited several times and that bring to my mind memories, stories, and pictures. I start with my own photographs, and then I research the history of the buildings that I target. Afterwards, I interpret this information and start painting instinctively and intuitively. This approach allows my mind to be free, working with an unstudied plan and maintaining a balance between figuration and abstraction. Through my work I invite others to consider the city and life differently.

De Gagné received the award for Best in Show-Single Image for work in The Art of Structure.

Visit De Gagné's website.

MJ Edwards
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel

MJ Edwards is a multi-disciplinary artist with degrees in interdisciplinary fine arts, English literature, and high school/middle school education. She was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, but spent childhood summers on Grand Manan Island where she has lived full time since 2007. Edwards finds the daily reality of being surrounded by the natural world, with its processes of growth and decay and ever-shifting landscapes where land meets sea, strongly influences her art, while her work as a museum director and curator and background in literature make her mindful of the passage of time and the processes of narrative construction. Her mixed media encaustic work often incorporates scraps of old documents, photographs, steel engraving transfers, and the flotsam, jetsam, ephemera and detritus of daily walks. Her photographic practice began in 1998 and has been wide-ranging, embracing 35 mm to medium and large format, medium format pinhole, infrared and digital.

In the history of photography there are many branches of practice that interest me, but especially macro photography and the possibilities for creativity, patterning, texture, and abstraction that it presents; the documentation of people and places and the processes of change and decay; the interaction and impact of people with and on their environment; collections and their relationship to memory, nostalgia, and the creation of meaning and identity; and narrative and surreal digital montage and collage.

Edwards received the Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme for her work in Nature's Texture.

Visit Edwards's website.

Myles Gallagher
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher Gallagher

In his youth, Myles Gallagher studied music, visual arts, and performing arts. During his high school years, he spent summers attending the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, studying voice and singing in the musical theater and choir. When he was accepted for the Blue Lakes International Choir, he had the chance to tour Scandinavia. Later in his teens, his love for classical ballet and modern dance could no longer be denied. Gallagher studied at the American Dance Academy and at Western Michigan University, where he earned a BS, and studied modern dance with the Nonce Dance Company at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit.

My method is a relationship that rotates between chance and Intention. Using only existing lighting and zero staging is essential. Chance equals anything I see; any place or space minus intent that instills a feeling in my heart. Then with excitement I capture that image and moment with a photograph. Intention equals creating new meaning to otherwise mundane, assorted images. Just things we see, images on earth that we pay zero attention to. With altering the view point of that moment, a new image is captured. Then deciding where to place the image in space on paper, I have created something new. With intention I have created Art. Who knows why, but now is my time to share all the beauty that revolves around us. Open your eyes.

Gallagher received the award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme for work in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition The Art of Structure.

Visit Gallagher's website.  

Jane Gottlieb
Award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality!

Jane Gottlieb has been expressing her joy of art with paint, shapes, and colors since she was very young. She began as a painter, evolved into a photographer, and eventually began painting on her photographic prints. She hand paints vivid colors on Cibachrome prints, creating a wonderful new reality. She then scans her one-of-a-kind hand-painted prints, enhances them with Photoshop, and produces limited edition archival prints on aluminum and papers.

Gottlieb's work has been shown in many solo exhibitions and has been collected by museums, foundations, corporations, and individuals worldwide. She currently has over one hundred large art works on exhibit in four different venues on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles; and twenty-five works on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.  All will remain on exhibit for ten years.  

Gottlieb's work has appeared in several of Still Point Art Gallery's exhibitions. She received the award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality in Nature's Texture.

Visit Gottlieb's website.


Sue Anne Hoyt

Hill Hill

Sue Anne Hoyt was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and raised in Tampa, FLorida. After earning a degree in sociology and some art training at the University of South Florida, Hoyt attended Maine College of Art and earned her B.F.A. in painting. Back in Alabama, she received her M.F.A. from Auburn University.

Rather than painting from direct observation, memory plays the primary role in my process. My interest is in creating space and light through the use of color while allowing memory to emerge.

Hoyt has exhibited her work in several Still Point Art Gallery exhibitions, including Still Point X.

Visit Hoyt's website.

Carrie Jacobson

Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson

In this second, and most wonderful, phase of life, Carrie Jacobson devotes herself to painting, to art, to the joy of bringing color and joy and light to her life and the lives of the people who see and buy her paintings.

I started painting in 2006, when I was 50. From the first stroke of the brush on the canvas, I knew that I'd found what I was supposed to do. I loved it. And that first painting was miraculous. I took a drawing class and a beginning oil painting class, and I kept painting. In January, my boss, who also was a dear friend, died at 54 of a heart attack. In April, the job I thought I'd have for the rest of my life was eliminated. In time, I was able to get another job, but it was a disaster. I stayed for a year, then set out to become a painter. In time, the costs of health insurance drove me back into regular work. I worked for another eighteen months, until it became clear that I couldn't paint and work, and that I'd have to make a choice. I chose painting. I moved to Wachapreague, VA, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Here, life is quiet, and sweet, and cheap. The sky is big, the wind is strong, and the landscapes are broad and inviting.

This life is a gift, and I've never understood it more clearly than I have since gambling everything, leaving the corporate world, and doing what I love. 

Jacobson's work has been selected for several Still Point Art Gallery exhibitions, including Global Portraits, Still Point VII, and Chasing the Light (Finding the Shadow).

Visit Jacobson's website

Loretta Ana Kaufman

Kaufman Kaufman Kaufman Kaufman

Loretta Kaufman is a sculptor, painter, and instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. In nearly five decades she has produced two- and three-dimensional forms in wood, fiber, paint, and clay, and currently works with both oil and acrylic paints. The natural world and the life around us have always been the center of her work. The energies and rhythms found in nature, not always visible or obvious, are the sparks that start the process.

Kaufman is an Emeritus member (clay) in Piedmont Craftsmen, a member of the National Association of Women Artists, and of Tri State Sculptors.  She has received several international awards for her sculpture and paintings; in 2017 was honored with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades-long involvement in the visual arts.  Loretta’s full biography is listed in Who’s Who In American Art, and in 2018 she was included in Who’s Who In America.

Her work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibitions Still Point IX, Rectangles, Triangles, Circles: The Shape of Life, and Simplicity.

Visit Kaufman's website.

Rosalyn Kliot
Best in Show—Portfolio Award Winner!

Kvarnstrom Kvarnstrom Kvarnstrom Kvarnstrom

Rosalyn Kliot, an award-winning and published artist, was born in eastern Europe, resided for a short time in Poland and Germany, and arrived in the United States on her second birthday. She studied art at the University of Illinois and Roosevelt University, where she completed her BA in art.

Kliot's collage works and mixed media paintings can be found in private and corporate collections and have been featured in various publications, including the Women's Journal. She was filmed in her studio for a promotional video for a popular resort in Oregon and interviewed by a local radio station at the Oregon coast. Kliot's published works include Collage in the Abstract, My Father's Book, A World of Color, as well as an assortment of therapeutic coloring books for adults.

I cannot remember a time when I did not do art. According to my mother, I began making scribbling motions on the floor while still a toddler. Noticing this activity encouraged my mom to provide me with the tools to begin drawing, which I continued. My first art award was from a city-wide contest for the best Christmas ornament for my grade level (4th grade). The ornament was placed on the city tree in the Chicago loop.

Kliot won the award Best in Show—Portfolio for work in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition It's Not Easy Being Green.

Visit Kliot's website. 

Richard LeBlond
Best in Show Winner!

Kvarnstrom Kvarnstrom

Richard LeBlond is most inspired by natural landscapes, especially the portals, places that beckon. He is also attracted to regions where human culture is in harmony with its natural setting, where people live with the land, instead of just on it. Newfoundland and the western United States have been very inspirational for both of these themes.

A photograph (or any image) becomes a shared memory, in part the artist’s intent, in part the viewer’s unique experience. Sometimes it is a moment saved from the abyss. Sometimes it has always been there, but we were too busy to see it. I look for the extraordinary in the everyday, but seldom find it. More often, it finds me.

LeBlond won the award Best in Show for work in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Our Beautiful Planet.

Cary Loving

Best in Show Winner! Best in Show—Single Image Award Winner!
Award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality!

Loving Loving Loving Loving

Cary Loving is an active artist who works in both 2-D and 3-D, including photography, printmaking, painting, collage, and clay. Most of her work has a photographic component, including the use of screen printing, transfers, and alternative processes. She earned an MFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1998.

All my work looks to nature to find inspiration. I create images that evoke metaphors and impart lessons about cycles and seasons. There is beauty in tangled thickets and the rampant unruliness of overgrowth, and wisdom to be gleaned from the survivors who seek shelter there.

Loving received the awards for Best in Show in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition The Garden, for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality in Solitude, and for Best in Show - Single Image in Simplicity. She recently was awarded First Place at Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts in the exhibition The Naked Print.

Visit Loving's website. 

Ann Hart Marquis
Award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality!

Loving Loving Loving Loving Loving Loving

Ann Hart Marquis creates vivid abstract landscape paintings. She uses acrylic, charcoal, and oil on canvas. Her work is rooted in emotion and creates a sense of connection with the natural world. She strives to reveal the beauty and mystery of the fragile environment.

Marquis paints abstracts without any particular idea of representing an object or scene. She layers colors, shapes, and lines on top of each other with little forethought. For her, abstract art has the ability to sometimes express what other painting styles cannot. It can address ideas that are indefinable and imaginary, ideas that exist in mind and spirit rather than in concrete reality. Abstract art can touch the emotions in an inventive, authentic, and thought-provoking way.

Marquis's work was exhibited in The Garden, for which she received the award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality.

Visit Marquis's website.

Jamie McHugh
Award for Exceptional Composition and Design!

Jamie McHugh has been a photographer for the past forty-five years, getting his start at the age of seventeen with a vintage RolleiFlex camera. Photography was solely a personal contemplative practice for him until 2007, when he began exhibiting his work as a healing art in various venues, including galleries, healthcare facilities, and churches.

McHugh is a somatic movement specialist and a photographer, dedicated to the aesthetic exploration and integration of the inner and outer landscapes. The process of embodying the natural world—finding places in the wild where he can settle and open up his sensory awareness through somatic practices of breath, contact, stillness, and movement—is the underpinning of his art.

As I attune to the environment, I become a sandpiper darting and dodging the waves, or a lizard on my belly in the sand, shifting energies and perspectives to perceive my surroundings in unaccustomed ways. A liminal world emerges in this timeless rhythm I inhabit between focused attention and spacious wandering, one intimate relationship leading to the next. Out of this sensorium of light, motion, color and form, images like contemporary paintings reveal themselves to my eye. I call this “NatureBeingArt” – the embedded aesthetic of the natural world made visible. I embrace my role as an emissary of the natural world, sharing its frequencies of beauty to help deepen our collective love for this wondrous creation.

The planet offers itself freely and benevolently to us; our creativity needs to match this abundance by expressing itself in multiple ways for healing to happen. May we generously reciprocate in whatever way each one of us can on behalf of all life.

McHugh's work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Our Beautiful Planet, and he received the award for Exceptional Composition and Design.

Visit McHugh's website. 

Rose Palmieri
Award for Exceptional Composition and Design!

Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember.  Photography allowed me to channel my creative side while earning a living as a Senior Human Resources Manager with The Procter & Gamble Company. In 2012, after 34 years with P& G, I retired and began focusing my time and energy on converting my ‘hobby’ into a business. Prior to 2014, I relied on my intuitive eye for the beauty of nature to capture one-of-a-kind photos. In 2014, I began formal training under two wonderful and experienced photographers, Margo Taussig Pinkerton (aka The Barefoot Contessa) and Arnie Zann. Through their guidance and hands-on workshops, I have begun to ‘seek my vision and create even greater images!’  

Palmieri's work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Global Portraits and received the award for Exceptional Composition and Design.

Visit Palmieri's website. 

Lauren Rader
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

Parms Parms

Lauren Rader is an artist and art educator whose works range from stark minimalist paintings to vibrant abstract pastels. Her works are in numerous private and corporate collections, have been exhibited at the White House, and were selected by the Arts in Embassy Program for the US Embassy in Fiji.

Rader earned her bachelor of arts at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and studied painting as a Nieman affiliate at Harvard University. Rader taught art for twelve years in private schools in Oakland and Berkeley, California, spent ten summers directing the art program at a sleep-away camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, and has been coaching and teaching adults for the past fourteen years.

Her book Studio Stories, about her experiences teaching courses in creativity, was published by Shanti Arts Publishing in 2016.

Rader's work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's The Garden for which she received the award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme.

Visit Rader's website.

Patricia Raible

Award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality!

Raible Raible Raible

Patricia Raible is an abstract artist whose work incorporates markings, textures, and symbols. She works on paper, canvas, and deep wood panels constructing multi-layered, textured collage paintings by adding to or subtracting from the surface. She refers to her paintings as being “built” because of her use of found objects and hardware store paraphernalia to develop deep, organic textures. Each painting has multiple layers, sometimes as many as ten or twelve. These layers make the connections and give the final piece its “voice.” Words are also important and are included as pages torn from old books or tiny fragments hidden beneath multiple layers of paint. Her inspiration comes from reading, writing, and spending time in the natural world. She says art is her method of both working out complex ideas and their relationships, and celebrating the beauty of our world. “It becomes a mystery or a puzzle to be solved.”

Raible’s work has been shown in galleries, corporate institutions, and national publications, and is held in numerous personal collections. She is an alumnus of the McColl Center for Visual Arts.

Raible received the award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality for work in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition The Art of Structure.

Visit Raible's website.

Tatiana Roulin
Best Painting Award Winner!

Tatiana Roulin is an award-winning, internationally renowned New England representational painter whose primary mediums include oil, acrylic, and pastel. Roulin’s approach combines the classic atelier training, largely based on techniques used by the Old Masters, with her own personal style expressed through the harmony of design, color, and light.

Rouline is a juried member of the Oil Painters of America and Pastel Society of America. She is also a member of many art associations in New England such as North River Arts Society, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Duxbury Art Association, and Attleboro Arts Museum. Her art is in many private, corporate, and public collections worldwide. Roulin has won many prestigious art awards, has had several one-person exhibitions, and has participated in many juried group shows in the United States and abroad. In 2010 Roulin was a special invited artist at the Brazilian Art Exhibition at A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery in New York City. She has been selected to appear as a featured artist by Windsor & Newton online gallery, UART, and Utrech. She has appeared on the “Arts in the Spotlight” cable TV show. She has also been featured in a number of magazines such as Boston Voyager, Studio Visit, Local Rhode Island, East Bay RI, Visual Language, Art and Beyond, Still Point Arts Quarterly, ArtScope, and South Shore Living. Her art has been published in art books, including Best of Worldwide Charcoal, Pastel and Pencil,Vol. 2, and The Richeson75 International exhibition book of Small Works Competition 2018. She is listed in the “Who's Who in America,” “Who's Who in Visual Art,” and “New Faces in Arts & Design” European art catalogs.

Currently, Roulin’s art is represented by the True Grit Art Gallery in Middleboro, Massachusetts; The Mint Gallery in Bristol, Rhode Island; and The Art Works Gallery in Cedar City, Utah. She also regularly exhibits her work in the South Street Gallery, of Hingham, Massachusetts; The Morini Gallery of Mansfield, Massachusetts; Zullo Gallery of Medfield, Massachusetts; and the Spring Bull Gallery of Newport, Rhode Island.

She lives and maintains her studio and gallery in Sharon, Massachusetts.

Roulin received the award Best Painting for work selected for Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Still Point VII.

Visit Roulin's website.

Susan W. N. Ruach
Award for Exceptional Composition and Design!

Susan W. N. Ruach began her love of photography as a way to share the beauty she saw on her travels around the world. Her photographic art has developed to include abstract photography, macro work, and nature images as a way to invite the viewer to deeper reflection. Her work has been exhibited and published, and she teaches workshops on spirituality and photography to explore the connections between nature and spirit

Photography helps me switch perspectives. When I zoom a lens in or out, or take two steps a different direction, my perspective changes. This is great practice for me in my spiritual journey, because what I am trying to do is switch from my own perspective to Divine perspective. Photography also teaches me how to shift my attitude, my understanding of the world and others, my place in the universe and to see the world differently.

Ruach received the award for Exceptional Composition and Design for work exhibited in The Time for Home.

Visit Ruach's website.

Karen Shulman
Best Photograph Award Winner!

shereshevsky shereshevsky

Karen Shulman began photographing in 2007 while living on the ocean in Hull, Massachusetts. There, the changing lightscapes and dramatic skies prompted her to chase perfect light and capture the spectrum of vivid hues she witnessed. While her interests have expanded to include cityscapes and street photography, she continues to seek the most expressive light in her compositions.

Three of Shulman’s photographs are in the permanent collection of the South Shore Hospital, Weymouth, Massachusetts. She has exhibited her award-winning work in numerous solo and group shows, including at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts. She is currently represented by Judith Liegeois Design in Naples, Florida.

Though largely self-taught, Shulman has studied photography with Harvey Stein, Lance Keimig, Scott Martin, Alison Shaw  and Karen Davis in workshops around the world including Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Prague, Italy, New Mexico, and New York City.

Shulman received the award for Best Photograph for "Ice Lagoon in Iceland," which was selected for Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition The Simple Beauty of Nature. She also received the award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme in It's Not Easy Being Green.

Visit Shulman's website.

Rebecca Skinner
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

Abandoned buildings serve as the focus of Rebecca Skinner’s most recent series of photographs. She seeks to immerse the viewer in the scene, intertwining them and the location in a single narrative of nostalgia and respect for the suspended moment. She portrays these facilities not only as preserved instances of a forgotten time, but as the summation of all of the place’s history and beauty.

Skinner studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island, and the New England School of Photography, Massachusetts. She is currently owner and photographer of Rebecca Skinner Photography. Metrowest Daily and Upworthy are just a few publications that have featured her work. Recently, she displayed photos at the Boston International Fine Art Show at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama, Massachusetts; Art Providence, at ArtSmart Productions, Rhode Island; and Winter Works at Bromfield Gallery, Massachusetts. She is a core artist member of Fountain Street Gallery in Boston. Her studio is at the Mill Contemporary Art in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Skinner received the award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme for images exhibited in Still Point X.

Visit Skinner's website.

Jane Soodalter
Award for Exceptional Composition and Design!

When I look at the world up close through a camera lens, I discover a startling complexity, an explosion of color, intricate patterns, and even surprising humor. These have become my palette. My delight is to explore this special world beyond real objects, to find the inner story I can only see through my lens, and to communicate this in my photographs. I have peeked up close at trees, rocks, water, dumpsters, tractors, flowers and animals here and gone. They tell me a new story each time.

Soodalter received the award for Exceptional Composition and Design for work that was exhibited in Still Point X.

Visit Soodalter's website.

Tamra Stallings
Award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme!

Skoff Skoff Skoff Skoff Skoff

I love color, the bolder the better.
I love nature, especially plants.
I make photos to nurture my creative non-analytical side.
Life moves fast so it is easy to miss the beauty all around us. I hope my photos will remind the viewer that life is beautiful.

Stallings had work selected for Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition Our Beautiful Planet.

Visit Stallings's website.

Theodosia A. G. Tamborlane

Skoff Skoff Skoff Skoff Skoff

Theodosia A. G. Tamborlane, of Dunedin, Florida, is an abstract artist and illustrator. Her paintings use dynamic colors and  combine gestural movements and forms in a deliberative yet free spirited process. Since 2008 her works have been in over one hundred forty solo and  group exhibitions in New York City, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, and Florida. She has been awarded First Prizes; featured in art magazines and the Manhattan International Art Online Gallery. Her paintings are in private and public collections in the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. She has had one hundred ten paintings placed in seven New Jersey hospital foundations, and thirteen in university and private foundations. 

Tamborlane studied at the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She is on the board of directors of the  Florida Professional Association of Visual Arts, and is a member of the Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida, and the New Jersey Contemporary Art Group. She is also the founder of the Uncommon Art group in Dunendin and is represented by the Art Blend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Tamborlane has had work selected for Still Point Art Gallery's exhibitions The Time for Home and The Garden.

Visit Tamborlane's website.

Carolyn WarmSun

WarmSun WarmSun WarmSun WarmSun WarmSun WarmSun

Carolyn WarmSun grew up and obtained her education in the rural Midwest. Her career was in mental health and organization development consulting. She started painting late, but fate connected her to wonderful people who taught her how to express her personal vision and style. Hard work has given her the life of a professional artist. WarmSun has been juried into international and national shows, and has received recognition and awards for her work. She is represented by Rumjahn Gallery in Indiana.

The elegant intersections of Spirit, Nature, and Human inspire me, as does the complexity of the systems that connect us. This fascination results in work that is often multi-layered, highly textured, robustly colored, and has an element of mystery and discovery. You will see my passion for Nature, and for symbols from Native Cultures that are deeply connected to our Earth. I started painting what I saw, and now paint what I remember, or think about, or feel, or just what comes off my hands to the brush to the canvas. It is a remarkable journey.

WarmSun's work has been selected for several Still Point Art Gallery exhibitions, including Earth Water Fire Air and The River.

Visit WarmSun's website.

Manya Welch
Award for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality!

Visionary artist Manya Welch uses vibrant colors to convey messages of hope, peace, and positivity, aiming to depict what lies beyond the boundaries of physical sight. Welch's medium is acrylic on canvas, and her organic forms are outlined with black marker to accentuate her chosen vibrant colors. She describes her work as visionary; everything she creates is an expression of what she sees in her mind's eye. There is a strong spiritual element in her work, and she believes that she is expressing a message that comes from a higher consciousness.

Welch's work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's show Our Beautiful Planet.

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Abby Zonies

Abby Zonies received her BFA from Boston University in 1977 and her MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts University in 1980. Her work has been shown extensively in the New England area and is included in numerous private and corporate collections. Zonies was the recipient of a Massachusetts Foundation Fellowship in 1981. She recently moved to Manhattan and was inducted into the National Association of Woman Artists in 2013. She was the recipient of the Eve Helman Memorial Award for Work on Paper given at the NAWA Members show in 2016.

Change, in location, studio, and medium has precipitated a period of experimentation in my work. In this series of gouache paintings I have departed from making works about observation. The rich colors and marks are the stars of the show. The final image evolves during the process of discovering the design, space, movement, and character of the piece.

Zonies's work was exhibited in Still Point Art Gallery's show The Time for Home.

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