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Gate Posts with No Gate: The Leg Paint Project

poems by Peter Waldor
art by Rae Broyles, Nina Clayton, Curtis Frederick, Howard Frye, Gail Higginbotham, Sue Anne Hoyt, Ellen Kalin, Loretta Ana Kaufman, Rosalyn Kliot, Candace Law, Marti Neveln, Nan Ring, Gusta Van Dobbenburgh, Karla Van Vliet

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A collaboration between poet Peter Waldor and fourteen visual artists working in various mediums. The project began with Waldor's collection of poems establishing a simple premise: "notes to a painter for a series of paintings on the millipede's legs." After sharing the poems with the artists, leaving them to interpret them as they pleased, over thirty individual artworks were completed. They were then compiled into a book designed to showcase the works alongside the collection of poems that served as inspiration.

POETRY / General

ISBN: 978-1-947067-16-5 (print; softcover; perfect bound)

LCCN: 2018935420

Released 2018

112 pages

Author and Artists' Biographies

Rae Broyles
A self-described author of visual poetry, Rae is moved by color, texture, and tactile adventures. She continually yearns to discover new images as she enters a realm of physical and mental reverie. To express the complexity of life’s beauty, she often seeks to integrate multiple mediums. Rae lives in Roswell, Georgia.
Nina Clayton
Born in New York City, Nina lived in Italy as a teenager and studied in France after high school. In addition to painting, she has studied graphic design, illustration, and computer graphics. Nina worked for many years as a designer, and she now makes art full-time. She lives in the East Village of Manhattan and maintains a studio in Brooklyn.


Curtis Frederick
Born in Dallas, Texas, Curtis is an abstract painter and sculptor. He is known for using a wide range of materials in his three-dimensional pieces. Nature inspires his creativity, and his energetic free spirit pushes him to explore unconventional methods and designs.
Howard Frye
Having always been attracted to the expressive qualities of line, Howard has a natural afinity for drawing. He used to worry about nding interesting subject matter or developing a style, but he has come to understand that it is not so much what you make, but rather how you make it. Conceptually, he is interested in creating visual puns, paradoxes, and games related to visual culture.
Gail Higginbotham
Influenced by living and boating on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Maryland, Gail captures the quiet energy, light, and reflections of water in her images. Her abstract and representational art are interpretive rather than literal renderings. She chooses to work with oil pastels for the vibrancy of color, tactile texture, and layering abilities of this medium.


Sue Anne Hoyt
Raised on a ranch in Tampa, Florida, Sue Anne now lives in Clanton, Alabama, where she paints and teaches. Beauty is important to her, and, she believes, is vital to the human soul. Sue Anne finds color to be a wonderful and challenging vehicle with which to share visual beauty.
Ellen Kalin
Ellen’s artistic life began by creating minutely detailed pen-and-ink drawings, but Ellen later fell in love with color. With nature as her muse, she creates textural atmospheres and vibrant landscapes. Her inspirations are the great masters,
abstract impressionists, photographs of the Midwest, quirky architecture, distressed surfaces, good books, bluegrass, and the music of Jakob Dylan.


Loretta Ana Kaufman
Having lived and worked all over the world, Loretta’s art bears the influence of her travels. Her ideas have been interpreted in several mediums, including clay, wood, fiber, and paint. Most often, the spark that starts the process and inspires her work is the natural world. Loretta now lives and has a studio in Nashville.
Rosalyn Kliot
A mixed media artist, Rosalyn works mostly in collage and fiber, though she occasionally works with ceramics and experiments with various paper arts. She considers each work an intuitive journey of exploration. Waking up each morning in anticipation, Rosalyn enters her studio and finds sustenance of the sort that has no equal.
Candace Law
A full-time artist living near Detroit, Michigan, Candace is inspired by the process of working with different materials, such as rusty metal, damp paper, found objects, and hot wax. She continually seeks the atmospheric feeling and profound visual depth that comes from interleaving different materials.


Marti Neveln
Often photographing natural settings, Marti finds solace in stillness. She has found photography to be an avenue to appreciate the splendor in our everyday world. Neveln looks for the beauty in simplicity, in the quiet moments of the day, and in the constant rhythm of life.
Nan Ring
A resident of New Jersey, Nan studied art at Syracuse University and received her MFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Nan makes art about singular moments of life with an intentionally varied approach to address questions about uncertainty and transience.
Gusta Van Dobbenburgh
Born in Holland, Gusta has loved drawing and nature since childhood, so it is only natural that botanical art became her passion. From 2002 to 2006 Gusta studied with Mindy Lighthipe, then director of the Botanical Illustration Program at the New York Botanical Garden. Gusta’s techniques include watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and graphite pencil.
Karla Van Vliet
A painter, poet, and dreamwork analyst, Karla has long been fascinated with creating meaning and opening places of feeling by generating marks on the page, be it letter or character, dendritic form or simple line and shape. Her work originates from the practice of listening inwardly for what wants to arise and be expressed. Karla lives in Vermont, where she is very active in the visual and literary arts community.
Peter Waldor
Author of five collections of poetry: Who Touches Everything – which received the National Jewish Book Award in Poetry – The Unattended Harp, Door to a Noisy Room, The Wilderness Poetry of Wu Xing, and State of the Union. He was the Poet Laureate of San Miguel County, Colorado from 2014 to 2015. His work has appeared in many journals, including the American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Iowa Review, Colorado Review, Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and Mothering Magazine. Waldor works in the insurance business and lives in Telluride, Colorado.


"In one of the short poems Waldor says that 'The paintings / will be stronger / without the poems / so forget they ever existed.' But he’s wrong, and that’s what the poem is about, being wrong. I have seen poems as illustrations or explanations or recreations but never anything just like this. Welcome to a thousand legs."

Gerald Stern, winner of the National Book Award


"Rich and beautiful, with a way of holding time and space, moving between the close-up and the far away, the near time and far time, in which one tiny leg of a millipede can evoke the ancient Greeks and great expanses of history, or the ridge of a finger print."

Anne Marie Macari, winner of the APR/Honickman Prize in Poetry


"A marvelous epiphany of words. In turns deeply reflective and lighthearted, Peter Waldor conjures up a small wonder of nature."

—Sean Hemingway, editor of The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway: The Hemingway Library Edition

Articles and Reviews

Holly Dunn, "Peter Waldor's New Release: Gate Posts with No Gate," Art of the Times, Fall 2018.


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