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Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract


Kajal Zaveri, Wide Open

Still Point Arts Quarterly

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Fall 2014

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Stone Voices

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Fall 2014

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Shanti Arts

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Still Point Arts Quarterly

Stone Voices

Christine Brooks Cote


News and Events!

New Release! Shanti Arts Publishing releases Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond, by Egberto Almenas. Press release.

New Release! Shanti Arts Publishing releases three novellas by Greg Bogaerts inspired by paintings by Vicent Van Gogh. Press release.

Art Exhibit! Stephen Tomasko, artist featured in Shanti Arts' book Delira and Excira: Visions of the Flowers of Spring, is showing work from the book at Artseen Gallery, 5591 Liberty Ave., Vermilion, Ohio. More information at Hours 2-8 p.m. Friday, Saturday; 2-4 p.m. Sunday; or by appointment. Through Sunday, August 31. 

New Release! Shanti Arts Publishing releases Delira and Excira: Visions of the Flowers of Spring, photographs by Stephen Tomasko, poetry by Hannah Stephenson, and essay by James Chatfield. Press release.

Recent Blog Posts

THIS IS ABSTRACT ART  September 5, 2014 
Despite the title, you most likely see this photograph as a picture of a beach and a wave receding back into the ocean. Waves rush rapidly onto the beach, their height and intensity becoming smaller and smaller as they move along. more

What is it about black and white photography? It removes the distraction of color. It makes the vast number of variations between black and white the most important thing. more

FALL . . . WHAT A GLORIOUS SEASON  August 28, 2014 
It's been a good summer...not too hot, not too terribly busy. Time to enjoy everything around new puppy, my beautiful flowering shrubs, the mounds of ferns in the woods, family and friends. But summer in Maine always goes so fast. more

Theresa's insights into the interconnections between art, nature, and spirit were truly remarkable, and she had a gift for communicating the secrets of these interconnections in a way that was clear and accessible.



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New Release!

Beautifully designed and handsomely illustrated with representative works by the artists discussed, this volume is a keepsake for those with a  keen interest in contemporary visual arts.


Art Capsules
The Contemporary Art Scene
in Central Florida and Beyond

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$65.00 (print)
$19.99 (digital)

New Release!

Shanti Arts Publishing recently released a novella collection by Australian writer Greg Bogaerts. These three short books are each inspired by a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Australian writer Bogaerts tells these stories with his usual brilliant development of character and masterful development of plot, further enriched with often-overlooked but enthralling historical snippets about old France

Almenas  Almenas  Almenas

Avenue of Poplars in Autumn
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Bridges Across the Seine at Asnieres
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Blossoming Almond Branch
in a Glass with a Book

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$9.99 print | $3.99 digital



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